Sports Massage Twickenham

If your reason for seeking a massage in Twickenham is that you’re experiencing pain, or a part of your body doesn’t feel right then a sports massage might be appropriate. This would be focused on addressing the issue(s) that you are experiencing, perhaps by increasing joint range of motion or increasing a muscle’s ability to extend.

At GEM in Twickenham, a sports massage is not simply a normal massage where I just push harder. If I’m dealing with a specific site of pain or injury the initial process of assessment and diagnosis is the same as that followed by a physiotherapist, osteopath or another clinician, in that it’s underpinned by clinical principles and processes I’velearned and tested at Masters level. A sports massage at GEM in Twickenham will also include a longer, more in-depth consultation and assessment than needed for a deep tissue massage or relaxing massage.

This enables me to provide a more effective and targeted treatment addressing the problem area and surrounding structures. The time and effort that I invest in thorough consultation, testing and diagnosis contrasts significantly with most massage therapists who tend to have a brief consultation and to follow a standard routine for sports massages.

During the treatment itself, I will use a variety of advanced manual therapy techniques alongside conventional massage strokes, including joint mobilisations, muscles energy techniques and reciprocal inhibition. Where appropriate I will take you through a suite of suitable rehabilitative exercises after the manual therapy.